Processors: Intel and AMD CPUs

Processor/CPU cooling – heatsink-and-fan and liquid-cooling units

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Processors are very high-speed electronic devices that get so hot that they require cooling. They will fail very quickly if not kept cool. For that reason, most motherboards have built-in circuitry that shuts the computer down if the processor is overheating. The main coolers are heatsink-and-fan, the most common, and liquid-cooling units, not as common because they are more expensive than stock heatsink units.

If you buy a new PC motherboard, it comes with a user manual that provides information on how to install the processor and its cooling unit. All of the major motherboard manufactures provide user manuals for their models from their websites, usually in the PDF document format. However, if you buy a brand-name computer, its user manual might not provide such information.

Intel and AMD processors in retail packages come with a cooling unit, but low and high-end coolers can be bought separately. Prices start low (under £10) and go quite high for the more elaborate devices (£60+). The liquid coolers are the most expensive type, such as the Corsair CW-9060027-WW Hydro Series H115i 280 mm Extreme Performance All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler, priced at £125.00 in October, 2016. Indeed, packages that provide a motherboard, processor, a cooler and RAM memory are available from most retail and online computer stores. Coolers bought individually come with installation instructions that vary in quality that is often not related to the price of the device.

Always remember to buy a cooler that says in its specifications that it supports the specific Intel or AMD processor that your computer is using.

Installing the processor (CPU) and its heatsink-and-fan or liquid-cooling unit –

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