USB Flash Drives / Memory Sticks

How to write-protect a flash/thumb/key/pen drive

Flash drive problem

I need to have several utilities/tools on a USB flash drive in order to be able to fix other people’s computers, but I’m afraid that malware might transfer itself to the drive. If the drive has one, does a write-protect switch prevent malware from being written to it?


Not all flash drives provide one, but a write-protect switch or tab should prevent anything from being written to a flash drive. If the drive doesn’t have a write-protect switch, there is a Windows Registry hack that should work on any flash drive. You will have to employ it on the computer that you are working on.

Registry Hack to Disable Writing to USB Drives –…

Whichever method you use – a Registry hack or a hardware switch – verify that the write-protection is working by copying a test file to the flash drive. If the test write fails, then it is protected from malware.

USB flash drives: A travelling tip

At the start of the security screening at airports, etc., place your USB flash drive in the tray with your keys and coins. Bypassing the electronic screening devices will probably save the drive from being wiped by the powerful magnets that surround them.