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How to get Quicken personal accounts software in the UK

Intuit, the developer of the excellent Quicken personal accounting software, quit the UK market several years ago. Microsoft has also discontinued the UK version of Money, so, now that the old UK versions won’t work in Windows 7, that leaves the UK lacking in the best personal accounting software.

Fortunately, there is a solution – you can visit, the US amazon site, and purchase the latest US version of Quicken Deluxe, which is easy to configure so that it uses the British pound as its currency. The Americanisms, such as using ‘check’ instead of ‘cheque’, aren’t a problem. Versions from 2011 to 2014 are available. The purchasers are rating the 2014 version 3.5 stars – half a star higher than the previous versions.

This is the click path to follow in the program itself to achieve that – Edit => Preferences => Quicken Program => Calendar and Currencies. Tick the box described as Multicurrency Support, then click on Tools in the menu bar, select Currency List, select UK Pound Sterling in the list and click Home and OK. This makes the program use the pound as its currency

When you register the program, remember to disable the registration prompt, because a US address is required. To do that, hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys, click on the Tools menu and select One Step Update. When setting up new accounts in the program, check the Advanced Setup at the top of the first box and select the ‘manual entry’ to avoid problems. The US version of Quicken won’t be able to restore a backup of your previous Quicken data, so you’ll have to set it up anew.

Making Quicken 98 run in Windows 10

I got Quicken 98 that was updated for the Year 2000 bug running in Windows 10 perfectly. All I did was copy the files from the Quicken 98 CD to a folder in Win10 and then run the executable file (QW.EXE) and pin it to the taskbar. I don’t see why that method wouldn’t work on later versions that use the same programming, such as version 2000, etc.  Every function works, including backup, reports, etc. I have 20 years of accounts stored on it.

Quicken 2011 and other versions no longer launch

Quicken won’t load account [after I uninstalled Quicken 2004 and installed the US version of Quicken 2010] –

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