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Does a home insurance policy cover a laptop?

Most home insurance policies have a £1,500 limit on single items and most laptop PCs cost less than than that, so they should be covered. If a laptop you own costs more than that, you will have to declare that to the insurance company. You should keep the box that the laptop came in and the receipt to facilitate making a claim. Many insurers replace a laptop on an old-for-new basis. If the model you have is not available, the insurer will find an equivalent replacement. Since laptop technology advances so quickly, you could receive a superior replacement.

Most home contents policies cover against loss and theft outside the home. However, accidental damage is usually an optional extra. If you make use of your laptop outside your home, make sure that you are specifically covered for its theft or loss outside the home. Note that loss of data is not covered, so you must make regular restorable backups.