Networking: Cabled and Wireless Wi-Fi Networks

How can I add extra wired (Ethernet) ports to my wireless router?

Question: I need some extra wired Ethernet ports on my wireless router. Is there any way that I can add extra ports to it?

Answer: You just have to add a network switch. Five-port and eight-port Gigabit Ethernet switches can be purchased inexpensively. You need a crossover Ethernet cable to connect it to your wireless router. Unplug one of the computers or devices that is connected to an Ethernet port on the router and then use the cable to connect the router to the switch. Now you have the extra ports that any devices you want to connect to the network can be plugged into.

You must have a Gigabit Ethernet router if you want gigabit connection speeds of 1000Mbit/s, otherwise the switch will connect to the router at the slower 100Mbit/s.

You should plug all of your Gigabit devices into the new switch in order to make use of the fastest data transfer rates.

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