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Quality of Service (QoS) capability of a router

Having a router with Quality of Service (QoS) capability is becoming ever more essential as more services make use of an Internet connection. Certain types of traffic, such as voice over IP (VoIP), which is used for telephone connections over the Internet, are extremely sensitive to the amount of available bandwidth. The quality of telephone calls can quickly become unintelligible if another service, such as a large file download, is taking up all of a broadband connection’s bandwidth. Quality of Service avoids that happening by giving priority to the traffic that needs bandwidth. With QoS, traffic that would suffer from interruptions can be assigned more than one data stream in order to reduce delays, whereas less important traffic, such as standard web browsing, can be assigned a single stream.

The following article deals with how to set the QoS settings.

How to Use Quality of Service (QoS) to Get Faster Internet When You Really Need It –