Processors: Intel and AMD CPUs

The Intel and AMD processors (CPUs) used in desktop PCs

This section of this website provides all of the information a PC user or prospective PC purchaser or upgrader would need to know about the processors made by the two major manufacturers, AMD and Intel, that are used in desktop computers.

The specially designed mobile processors that are used in laptop computers are dealt with in the Laptops section of this website.

Visit The Motherboard CPU Socket Types Used by AMD and Intel Processors page on this website for information on them in particular.

Processor problems and the installation of processors are dealt with on the following pages of this website

PROCESSORS: PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS –…/pc-processor-problems-and-solutions/

Installing the processor (CPU) and its heatsink-and-fan or liquid-cooling unit –


1.An introduction to the processors (CPUs) made by Intel and AMD
2.How to identify a PC’s multi-core processor
3.Processor usage – CPU usage – Which processes (programs) are making the most use of the processor
4.Processor (CPU) specifications explained
5.The manufacturing fabrication process measured in nanometers (nm)
6.Processor/CPU cooling – heatsink-and-fan and liquid cooling units

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