Index of computer hardware pages on the PC Buyer Beware! website

The Hardware drop-down menu is long, so the individual pages are listed here for easier access and for reference purposes.

Below the list of computer hardware pages is a list of computer-component troubleshooting flow charts that are followed in order to diagnose a specific hardware problem.

1. – Build Your own Desktop PC – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/…
2. – Hard Disk and SSD Drives – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/disk-and-ssd-drives/
3. – External Hard Disk Drives – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/…
4. – USB Flash Drives – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/usb-flash-drives/
5. – CD/DVD/Blu-ray Drives – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/…
6. – ATX Motherboards – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/motherboards-cases-psus/
7. – ATX PC Cases – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/motherboards-cases-psus/cases/
8. – PC Power Supplies (PSUs) – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/…
9. – Video/Graphics Cards – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/video-and-graphics-cards/
10. – PC Processors – CPUs – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/processors/
11. – RAM Memory – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/ram-memory/
12. – Wired and Wireless Networking – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/…
13 – PC Monitors – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/monitors/
14. – Sound Cards – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/sound-cards/
15. – Tablet PCs – Tablets – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/…
16. – Laptop PCs/Computers – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/laptop-pcs-computers/
17. – Upgrading PC/Computer Hardware & Software – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/…
18. – Universal Serial Bus – USB – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/…
19. – Printers and Scanners – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/printers-and-scanners/
20. – Keyboards and Mice – http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/hardware/keyboards-and-mice/

Computer hardware troubleshooting flowcharts

As you can see from looking at any of the diagnostic charts made available from the following links, there are no photo-illustrations or explanations of basic computer functions. The intended audience is the hobbyist or technician who already has some experience of repairing computers.

If you can understand a particular flowchart, it would be a good idea to print them just in case you can’t boot your computer and you need the information.

CPU, RAM, and Motherboard Troubleshooting: http://www.fonerbooks.com/cpu_ram.htm
Power Supply Failure: – http://www.fonerbooks.com/power.htm
Video Card Diagnostics: http://www.fonerbooks.com/video.htm
Hard Drive Failure: http://www.fonerbooks.com/ide_hd.htm
CD and DVD Troubleshooting: http://www.fonerbooks.com/ide_cd.htm
Modem Failure: http://www.fonerbooks.com/modem.htm
Sound Card Diagnostics: http://www.fonerbooks.com/sound.htm
Network Troubleshooting Flowchart: http://www.fonerbooks.com/network.htm

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